Briotech Mask | Reusable, 2-Ply Poly Blend


$3.25 $6.50

A self-adjustable and reusable mask, in a soft, 2-ply poly blend. Masks ship with open ties, ready for your personal adjustment and choice of wear. Just tie the strings around the ears or back of the head. Once customized to your perfect fit, simply slide the knots into the side-seam pockets to conceal them away for irritation-free wear.

  • Can be adjusted to wear around the ears or around the head!
  • Knots can be tucked away for a irritation-free fit!


Not a medical mask, for general use only.

**Due to COVID-19 and the nature of Briotech Masks being worn on the face, we cannot accept any returns on these items.**

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