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Pure HOCl

Hypochlorous (HOCl) is a naturally-occurring component of your pet's internal defense system, produced inside their white blood cells working to kill pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and fungus, fight against infection, reduce inflammation, and enhance the healing process.
  • Gentle, safe, and non-toxic
  •   Targets bacteria & eliminates odor
  • Organic alternative, free of additives
  • Does not induce antibiotic resistance
About us

About Us

The concept of creating infinite supplies of high-performing hypochlorous (HOCl) and making it universally available for all economic realities across the globe has been the dream of Briotech’s founders since the onset.

Today, Briotech is a world-class manufacturer of pure, novel, stabilized HOCl. Briotech has pushed the science of HOCl forward with unprecedented industry breakthroughs that have given way to game-changing advancements for global health. Briotech’s disruptive approach to manufacturing has garnered a solid stream of IP, unlimited production capacity of HOCl that is unmatched in efficacy and shelf life, and as a pioneer of innovation, the creation of the world’s first geographically dispersed HOCl manufacturing networks, BrioWHISH® Systems, bring the abundant benefits of HOCl for health and healing to you, your family, and your community.

Washington, USA

in Helsinki, Finland

of scientific research


A natural signaling solution that works with your pet’s body to oxidize odor-causing microbes; the root cause of periodontal disease. Promotes healthy teeth & gums, soothes irritations and toothaches, and generates fresh breath by reducing tartar and plaque.

 • Fight Tartar Build-up & Gingivitis

 • Soothe Toothaches & Discomfort

 • Reduce Plaque & Inflammation

 • Naturally Freshen Breath
 • Support Gum Health

• Eliminate Chin Acne
 • Savory Taste

A trusted wound management to provide fast and soothing relief to pet cuts, sores, burns, and abrasions. A safe and natural way to support your pet’s total wellness. An easy-spray, everyday mist to clean coats, remove odor, and manage skin irritations, itching, redness, hot spots, and insect bites. 

 • Cats, Dogs, Rodents, Reptiles, Birds
 • Manage Insect Bites & Hot Spots
 • Fast-Acting, Soothing Relief
 • Reduce Redness & Itch

 • Burns, Bites, Abrasions

 • Post-Surgical Support

 • Reduce Inflammation 

 • Deodorize Coats

A pure and natural solution to flush, rinse, and cleanse your pet's 
irritated eyes. Works with your pet’s body to fight infection, soothe irritation, relieve itching, reduce discharge, and control odors.

 • Soothe Eye Infections
 • Control Odor & Bacteria
 • Conjunctivitis & Discharge
 • Itching, Irritants, Tear Stains
 • Allergy Symptoms & Redness


My dog got a foxtail embedded in her paw (in between her toes). It was raw, red, puffy and smelled from all the pus. I started putting 1-2 drops of Skin & Wounds on the open area and watched in amazement as everyday, the swelling and redness improved. The pus decreased, along with the smell. And the area started to heal and close up!!!! She continued to heal quickly. It only took about 4 or 5 days.


Good for itchy dogs! I have a senior blind chihuahua that’s got sensitive and itchy skin and when I notice he’s scratching, I’ll douse him in this stuff and he’s good to go for a few days. Sometimes my other dogs get itchy behind their collars so every so often I’ll take their colors off and spray their necks with this, let it soak/dry and they’re much happier when I put their collars back on.



Do you have any questions?

What is HOCl? Is it safe for my pet?
Just like humans, all animals produce HOCl as a part of their immune response system. It is Veterinarian Recommended and safe for use on dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles, and birds. Safe if licked or ingested.
Are these product natural, organic, or vegan?
Yes! Organic Pet Care is 100% all natural, organic, and vegan. Always 100% natural, non-toxic, and safe ingredients. Free of alcohol, steroids, antibiotics, BZK, peroxide, propylene glycol, parabens, fragrance, dyes, and additives.
How do the Eye Drops work on infections and discharge?
HOCl is a natural antibacterial solution that targets and manages bacteria, reduces inflammation, and kills odor-causing microbes; setting the stage for optimal healing by soothing irritations, relieveing itch, and reducing discharge.
How does  Skin & Wounds work on wounds?
HOCl hypes up immune responses, targets bacteria, causes blood to clot faster, and stimulates the migration of keratinocytes (cells of the outer layer of skin) to move in and close wounds and promotes new skin cell growth over wounds.
How does Skin & Wounds work on irritations and hot spots?
HOCl is widely known for its effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, and anti-bacterial agent. Flush away harmful microorganisms, soothe irritations and relieve itch to prevent further irritation and enhance your pet's natural healing abilities.
How does Oral Swish work on toothahces and gingivitis?
HOCl addresses oral hygiene concerns by working to trigger a cascade of antimicrobial effects to promote recovery, target viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, and remove biofilm, clot blood (clot stabilization), reduce inflammation, and stimulate epithelial growth.